American Library Association Notable Recording Award

The Daughters of ishi-shini,

Ancient Tales of the Americas

Five ancient tales of transformation, with flute, guitar, cello and storm

Performance and art work by Barb Stevens-Newcomb


Storytellers have been passing along the tales of their culture

for centuries. Barb Stevens-Newcomb has collected

stories from the native peoples of both North and South America,

which she passes along to new generations in a quiet, traditional

voice that evokes the power of each tale.

American Library Association, ALSC

“The best use of storytelling with music we have seen.”

Second Story Press, Ontario, Canada

“The performance is rich yet simple, with deftly woven

original language expressions and an ultimate universality

of themes, told in a clear, quietly expressive voice.”

School Library Journal

“The teller’s voice, light in timbre and quite serious

in tone, suits her theme of triumph over adversity,

with the spirit world close at hand.”


“A soothing voice enhanced with the subtle

use of sound effects.”

The Bulletin, University of Illinois CBC

The Art of Healthy Sleep, with Four Practices,

a Twenty Four Hour Recipe and many more surprising

and practical ideas for healing from insomnia comes

from the author’s personal experiences and her experiences

as a teacher and sleep coach. An enjoyable, upbeat and

hopeful read about a difficult yet common experience.
Softcover, large format, 8 x 11 $20     ISBN # 0-9657667-3-9

Also comes with the CD,

A Calm Interlude, Yoga Nidra with Barb Stevens-Newcomb 

Yoga Nidra is a gentle yet effective tool for deep relaxation,

used to soothe stress and create healthy sleep habits.

Barb Stevens-Newcomb is a certified yoga teacher. 

CD  $15  $10 with The Art of Healthy Sleep   

ISBN # 0-9657667-1-5

The Scent of Oranges, Spirit Underpinnings of the Inner Yaga

is a beautiful book of wisdom that provides a poignant look at life from the point of view that we all belong here.

It takes us on a poetic journey and shows that our lives make a difference.

Softcover, $20
ISBN # 09657667-0-5